Submitted by Mason Norris, Youth Intern:
Day3CRApologies are in order that this blog comes in late today, as I am writing it Wednesday morning rather than Tuesday night. Last night was the group outing to the soccer fields, a fun journey for 5/6 of the mission and just more of the same for our group.
Let me talk about something other than soccer IMG_2443today, because I fear I may lose some readers with my borderline obsession.
IMG_2438Yesterday I spent most of the morning playing with a kid named Benjami­n, around four years old and full of energy. We did penalty kicks with a tennis ball, tossed around the pigskin, back to penalty kicks, and after that I must have spent an hour watching him chase bubbles (the word of the day is ‘burbujas’)

With an organized schedule we did much better yesterday, starting with group games, songs (‘Christo me amo’, ‘Yo tengo gozo en mi corazón’), bible story, and crafts. The kids seem to have already learned the memory verse, I’d expect no less considering the bookmarks we’ve handed out and that it’s only six words in both English and Spanish (Malachi 3:6b for those IMG_2437interested)

Rather than our normal worship last night, we received a presentation on Pura Vida’s sponsorship program, as well as playing host to some families in the program. Pura Vida sponsors almost 300 local children through its donors, providing school supplies, financial education and emergency help for parents, and spiritual guidance and support. What I find most uplifting about the program is that the mission is involved in the local community, and that it gives the chance to visit with your sponsored family (if you ever happen to be in San Ramon).

Stop me if this feels like an early-morning infomercial. It’s important that we make sure our IMG_2436money is going to the right place when we give charitably, and Pura Vida is the real deal.
Today will be a long one, as we will be away from the mission all day as we have lunch at Las Musas nature preserve.

Please continue to keep our team in your thoughts and prayers as we continue through the middle part of the week.

If you would like more information on the sponsorship program or would like to make a donation to the mission, visit: