Sermons from March 2015

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Wrestling with the Will of God


“Not What I Want, But What You Want” Jesus’ prayer in the garden before his arrest is the one true prayer, but what does it mean? We too easily say that a tragedy or a child’s death is “the will of God”, that God had a secret purpose, that God did something bad in order […]

Wrestling with Caesar


American Christians are challenged to separate their religious faith from their patriotic ferver. To combine religion and state is to use God for our purposes, without seeing that God is far greater than any nation’s purposes.

We Who Wrestle With God


Lenten Series: Wrestling with God The unknown God, for whom no graven image can be made, is far beyond our best efforts to understand, describe or control. “Tell me your name” we ask,“let us understand you”. But God is mystery, forcing us to struggle with who we are in relation to God. In the end, […]