Sermons from February 2016

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February 28, 2016 – Condemned by the Righteous


Sermon Series: Lent: The 24 Hours That Changed The World Sermon: Condemned by the Righteous All the honorable and powerful men in the Temple, the highest members in all of Judaism at the time gather. Jesus has been teaching and preaching that all of us cannot use our station to justify ourselves. Our station does […]

February 21, 2016 – The Garden of Gethsemane


Sermon Series: Lent: The 24 Hours that Changed the World Sermon: The Garden of Gethsemane Jesus has just shared the saving meal of passover with his followers. One of those he served is now selling Jesus out. Yet, Jesus stops and prays. Jesus could have escaped his fate. But God has a plan. Step by step the […]

February 14, 2016 – The Last Supper


Sermon Series: Lent: The 24 Hours that Changed the World Sermon: The Last Supper The 24 hours that change the world start at sunset on Thursday. Jesus and his followers gather for what we now call the last supper. For them, it was a great holiday meal, the passover meal. It was the Seder that they […]

February 7, 2016 – Defined by Generosity

Sermon Series: Enough: Finding Joy in Simplicity and Generosity Sermon: Defined by Generosity God so loved the world that he gave. Humanity is created in the image of God. By these two simple and clear belief statements from scripture we can get a hint about who we are intended to be. We are tempted to hoard […]