Sermons from July 2016

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July 31, 2016 – Truth with Love: Accountability

Florida Methodist Children’s Home Offering Sermon Series: Wesley Fellowship Groups Sermon:┬áTruth with Love: Accountability Jesus changes us. We cannot experience suffering and pain healed, sins forgiven, grace redeeming us without changing. Christians, Christ followers, are not measured by perfect sin free lives. Christians are called out into the world to allow their transformed lives to […]

July 24, 2016 – Love One Another


Sermon Series: Wesley Fellowship Groups As much as many Christians would prefer, Christ following cannot be reduced to a list of beliefs or a set of ethical rules. Christ following is nothing short of a worldview changing new life. In so many different ways, Jesus tells us to leave our old life behind, even die […]

July 10, 2016 – The Gospel of Luke


Sermon Series: Journey Through The Gospels The Gospel of Luke is the only gospel written by a gentile. Luke brings another voice and perspective to how we can see and understand the life and impact of Jesus. Today we look at the major themes in Luke’s gospel through the example of an outcast hero. Samaritans […]

July 3, 2016 – Christ’s Open Invitation: R.S.V.P. in Love


Communion Sermon: Christ’s Open Invitation: R.S.V.P. in Love In Luke’s gospel, Jesus’ mission to proclaim good news to the poor is realized in the restoration of relationships with God and a new community by the power of God’s unconditional love and grace. Jesus’ message of forgiveness, as understood by Luke, offers a new and radical […]