Sermons from February 2017

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February 26 – Extreme Gratitude: Distilled Joy


Gratitude can be a lifestyle choice, an intentional worldview that will transform us and others. Maybe enough of us, living in gratitude, could transform the world and bring a little more Kingdom of God into the present. So much of our lives is caught up in distractions rather than the true essence of life and […]

February 19 – Simplicity & Humility


There are times when we own our stuff and other times it seems our stuff owns us. Finding the right balance makes a world of difference. A great preacher once reminded us that even if we win at the rat race we are still a rat. Stepping outside the rat race, living outside of “the […]

February 12 – Grounded in Gratitude

Have you made your list? What are you grateful for? Don’t stop at a few items. Keep making the list. Is clean water on your list? Shelter? Food? We are aiming for right relationship with God. God is God, and we are not. We are gifted and blessed. When we begin to take for granted […]

February 5 – Searching For Gratitude

Have you ever realized that you have¬†misplaced¬†your sense of gratitude? Maybe the conversation would go like this … “Have any of you seen my sense of gratitude? I had it. I must have put it down and in the busy-ness of life I just can’t remember where I put it.” There are times when we […]