Sermon Series: From the Cross – 7 Weeks of considering Jesus’ words from the Cross

Sermon: The Sixth Word – Victory

This week is Palm Sunday. The crowds flock to Jesus as he enters into Jerusalem on a lowly donkey. Jesus rides into town like a Roman General entering Rome after a military victory, and the crowd treats Jesus in the same way a Roman crowd would. Mere days later Jesus is the loser. Jesus loses to the religious leaders and the political leaders with the help, possibly, of the very same crowd. Jesus ends up on a cross after being beaten and mocked. Yet, today our word from the cross is the word VICTORY. In Jesus’ crucifixion, God wins. God’s mission is accomplished in the life and death of Jesus. Jesus says “It is Finished”. How do we see victory in the death of Jesus. (Hint: Jesus’ mission is finished but God’s redeeming work is never done. Thanks be to God!)

Scripture: John 19:26-30