Sermon Series: From the Cross – 7 Weeks of considering Jesus’ words from the Cross

Sermon: The Fifth Word – Suffering

Today is the 5th Sunday in Lent, and we come to the 5th Word from the Cross. Today the word from the cross is SUFFERING. 1st Word – PARDON. 2nd Word – ASSURANCE. 3rd Word – COMPASSION. 4th Word – TRUST. This week the word is the one we are least likely to desire. We want pardon (forgiveness) and assurance and compassion. Trust is not something we “get” but the attitude and relationship posture that we take when we are in the right kind of relationship with God. Suffering on the other hand is not something we desire at all but is a place in which we humans find ourselves at some point in our lives. What impact does the fact that God suffered have on your spiritual life? Jesus doesn’t seek out suffering, but does move through it in much the same way we do. Some Christians want to downplay or dismiss the suffering of Christ. Some want to downplay or discount the suffering of others. Suffering is quite a spiritual teacher. How do you see suffering in your spiritual life?

Scripture: John 19:28-29