There are times when we own our stuff and other times it seems our stuff owns us. Finding the right balance makes a world of difference. A great preacher once reminded us that even if we win at the rat race we are still a rat. Stepping outside the rat race, living outside of “the keeping up with the Joneses” and finding the right balance can allow us to live simply so that others can simply live. Jesus does not condemn wealth or money but is clear that with wealth comes responsibility. When we live with humility and with simplicity we are not owned by our stuff and trapped in a race of dissatisfaction. Are you living a balanced, just, simple and humble life?


Matthew 19:16-22

It really is not that easy to pull one over on Jesus. Ask an innocent question and Jesus takes the answer and aims right at the heart of the matter. Many of those around Jesus were being taught by the Pharisees that strict adherence to the law was the way to a new transformed life. That strategy was not what God is seeking. God wants us. God wants us to love God and each other more than we love anything else. Here it is stuff that gets in the way.