We continue our Sermon Series on Simply Following: Following Simply. Today we begin to weave the two phrases together by considering how we serve the world as part of our fulfilling the commandment to unconditionally love our neighbor. Using the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount we are challenged to not get caught up in the desire to want more and more. When we do, we cannot see the line which marks “enough”. We are invited to live more simply. The desire for more for ourselves, the sense that we deserve more and more is a never ending, never fulfilling cycle which leads us to emptiness. Jesus reminds us to pray for “daily need” specifically so that we do not end up living empty lives. Turns out less IS more. Seeking God first, aiming for Kingdom building and living inside daily need, we open the opportunity for a whole new awareness of serving the world. 

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-33