Striving for Perfect Community – at least doing our best

This week is the final sermon in the sermon series on Healthy, Intimate,Covenant Community, but it is not the end of road. It is not enough to say we want Healthy, Intimate, Covenant Community; we actually have to do those things that make it happen. Words and thoughts are not enough. Every day of every month of every year – we have to do the hard work of building Healthy, Intimate, Covenant Community. This means replacing “not good enough” with better and better options. We keep growing and striving and improving and evaluating all our days. The movie and book Shawshank Redemption put it this way “Either get busy living or get busy dying.” The goal remains the same but each generation must do its part to build the Kingdom of God.

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-8, Philippians 4:8 and Matthew 5:48