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May 24: The Church: Screwed Up Saints


Pentecost is the birthday of the church. How well has the church fulfilled its mission throughout history? It is a deeply flawed institution, but still it serves God when it shares love. SCRIPTURE: Acts 1: 3-9; 2:1-4

May 10: First Day of School


Soon Coronado begins a new phase of our spiritual journey. We know who your new pastor will be and look ahead to the process of saying goodbye and hello SCRIPTURE: I Samuel 1: 19-28; 2:19-21

May 3: Caring For Creation


Let us rediscover the sacredness of creation, and our role as stewards of the environment. If we do not care for this world, where will we live? How will we answer to God? SCRIPTURE: Genesis 2:4b-9

Entrusted To Us


SCRIPTURE: Matthew 25: 14-30 The history of CCUMC spans an incredible amount of change in community and culture. The charter members could not have conceived what life would be like in and around this church a century later. How can we help our spiritual descendents?

Wrestling with the Will of God


“Not What I Want, But What You Want” Jesus’ prayer in the garden before his arrest is the one true prayer, but what does it mean? We too easily say that a tragedy or a child’s death is “the will of God”, that God had a secret purpose, that God did something bad in order […]