Our Congregational Care Visitors (CCVs) are compassionate lay persons who regularly visit those who are homebound, residing in facilities, or convalescing in rehab centers in order to provide ongoing connections in meaningful relationships with the life of CCUMC.

If you know of someone who is unable to attend worship in church and might benefit from this ministry, please contact our CCV Coordinator, Bill Walker at billjudywalker1@bellsouth.net.

Our Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs) are compassionate lay persons with extensive training who provide confidential, one-to-one, Christian mentoring to people who are dealing with health crises, grief due to loss of a loved one, a job, dignity, and other difficulties.  They will listen, care, encourage, pray with and for you, and provide support for you during your difficult time.

To schedule a visit with a CCM, please contact our office or Rev. Laura Berg, Minister of Congregational Care at 386-428-6252.