Lori switched teams to do the hygiene talk with the other sites. Kira, Hanah & Jillian let the kids paint their entire faces with face paint! Darien gave his testimony which was awesome.

It rained a little more today but we were thankful for God providing people in the community that allowed our groups to meet in their ‘salon’ (like a carport). We found out this morning the mom who had cancer passed away last night leaving behind 7 children, one of which is an 18 year old son who will continue to care for his siblings with the help of the mission. Keilyn, the Tico missionary,  is doing some grief counseling & helping them with the arrangements today. Pray for the children as they have now lost both parents. Amazing work the staff of the mission do.

Very emotional day today as our youth said good bye to the children they have met & continued to build relationships with. Loading up now to travel to the Volcano Lodge near Arenal. Everyone is sad to leave the mission & I think would give up the side trip to stay at the mission. Awesome group of youth & adult chaperones! It’s been a blessing.