Today we woke up in our new hotel, shared a wonderful breakfast of fried eggs, toast, chapati, fresh fruit and coffee. We boarded the vans and headed to Zoe headquarters in Meru. Zoe is housed in a government compound in a serene setting, and because Zoe is doing such good work, the government charges Zoe only $100 a month and that includes utilities.

After our visit to headquarters, we split into two teams. The folks from South Carolina went to visit one of the groups they sponsor and we went to visit the group that First UMC Lakeland has sponsored. That group greeted us with singing and dancing….they even taught Peter a few moves! 

Once the welcome ceremony was over, they took us into their Church to present the report of their group, share their personal successes and feed us from their own crops. What a special surprise to experience their hospitality and the abundance with which they now live. We have awesome stories to share when we get back!

On our way out of the village, we stopped to visit two businesses run by Zoe children. They were so proud to show us all they have accomplished. Most of them are under 21 years old and are owners of two or three successful businesses! Most earn between 200 and 300 percent of the national income average after three years in the program!

We came back to the hotel around 4 and had a rest time before dinner and devotions. The meal was great, and the devotional time allowed us to share and bond. 

We prayed tonight for you all, for all Zoe children, for comfort for all those who have lost, and for our journey, as a collective church, as we try to shift from toxic charity to this model of empowerment. May we all be in prayer together and consider how each of us can listen to God as He leads.