Sermon Title: Connections

Today is Ecumenical Sunday. It is a reminder that, even when we are listening to God and doing our part, we are not the only ones doing their part. We cannot be the body of Christ all by ourselves. God can use us all (even those not in the church). No one church has all the answers. Being in conversation allows us to grow deeper and move beyond ourselves. Being in conversation with other Christian denominations allows us to see our denomination’s strengths and weaknesses. And, it allows us to see ourselves on the same team with them – together being the body of Christ and fulfilling our calling. Even when we lean into our strengths, we know that we are not perfect people or denominations. Once again, we are reminded that being connected is more important than being right. Being connected is being right. Unconditional love is the more excellent way.  

Scripture: Luke 4: 14-21; 1 Corinthians 12:12-31a