Our Boutique is currently open Wednesday thru Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Donations accepted on Fridays from 10am-1pm.

The Boutique is a Thrift Store and a ministry of Coronado Community United Methodist Church. Located in the historic Beach Club building on the corner of Flagler Avenue and South Peninsula Avenue, the Boutique is open Wednesday thru Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Items in the Boutique include clothing, housewares, jewelry, and furniture. For those vacationing in New Smyrna Beach, the Boutique is a great place to pick up children’s clothes and seasonal items. For locals, they always know a “treasure” is waiting to be found.

What donations does the Boutique accept: As a thrift/resale store, we seek items that our customers have an interest in purchasing. As you sort through items to donate, please make sure the items are in good condition, free from damage, stains, etc. Please do not include items which have logos of commercial businesses, etc. We gladly welcome items of popular sports teams.

We will accept “newer” televisions or electronics that are less than five years old. We appreciate paper or hardback books but not textbooks, science books or magazines.

Items we will NOT accept: used mattresses or bed pillows, left overs from yard or garage sales, or soiled, torn or stained garments.

Donations are accepted at our receiving building on the southeast corner of the Boutique parking lot on Fridays only – from 10am until 1pm.

If you have a furniture donation or a question about what we accept, please call during business hours at 386-427-1115.

Where does the revenue of the Boutique go and how does the community benefit: All income from the Boutique flows directly to the Coronado Community United Methodist Church and is used in support of the work the church does in the community. In addition, the Boutique provides items donated to the following community organizations:

  • Cudas Unhooked
  • Community special needs/requests (homeless individuals and job-seekers)
  • Star Foundation (Daytona Beach Homeless)
  • Referrals from Fire Department for families with fires or other special needs
  • Families affected by domestic violence (clothes and housewares)
  • Referrals from local school in aid of Clothing for Students
  • Florida UMC Children’s Home
  • Guatemala Mission
  • Fellowship Hour
  • Dayspring Missions with fabric for their Children’s School Clothes
  • NSB Little Theater
  • United Methodist Women in support of missions and fundraisers
  • Cuba Methodist Churches and staff

A Story: On a beautiful but chilly January Monday, just before our 10:00 a.m. opening time, I was busy readying the Boutique to open. Turning on lights and radio, straightening items on display, and waiting for the cashier to signal we were ready for the day. Looking out the door facing Flagler Avenue, I noticed a very large man pacing on our porch.  At 10:00 sharp, the cashier told me when were ready to go and I walked to unlock the door and flip the open sign. The man was facing me at the door and was obviously anxious to come in. I opened the door and asked “can I help you?” He handed me a piece of paper and began to tell his story.

His name was Bob and the note he had was from our Congregational Care team from CCUMC. I quickly scanned the form and we found a quiet corner to talk. He had learned of our church while attending a support group meeting at our Hospitality House. From there, he met with our Congregational Care team and told them of his recovery. He had recently found a job as a house painter. He was excited but concerned because he had very few clothes. If he wore them to work, what would he, could he wear in public? They sent him to the church Boutique. I told him: we can provide you with what you need. There was only one little problem: Bob stood 6’4” tall, with broad shoulders, long legs and large feet.

After explaining the situation (discreetly) to our cashier, I rallied the troops. Bob needed extra large shirts, shorts and size 13/14 shoes. I asked the men who were manning our receiving area to see what they could find. They immediately set to work. In the meantime, we found a jacket in his size (he didn’t have one), socks, underwear and a backpack to put everything in. Our receiving guys brought up a stack of shirts and some shorts. They had also found a pair of good quality, albeit used pair of shoes – in his size. They were a perfect fit.

Bob was a happy guy. He thanked all of the volunteers repeatedly. He left with a big smile on his face. What he probably didn’t realize was how rewarding it was for all of us to help – to show God’s love in His world.