On-Going Classes

Friendship Club

  • Bible study that meets in 109 Sunday mornings from 10:15am-11am

Spiritual Growth Class

  • New class that focuses on forming adult relationships with God that meets in 116 Sunday mornings from 10:15am-11am

Open Minds Class

  • Book-based class that focuses on progressive thinking and issues of justice that meets in the Fellowship Hall on Tuesdays at 1pm

Youth Group

  • Fellowship, discipleship, and service for grades 6th-12th; Wednesday nights in the Fellowship Hall from 6:30pm-8pm and Sunday mornings 10:15-11am in the Chapel

Children’s Group

  • Bible, crafts, and music for grades Pre-K through 5th on Sunday mornings in room 121

Short-Term Classes and Workshops

 Foundations of Call

  • Discover your spiritual gifts, passions, and preferences to find your area of ministry and vocation

Foundations of Community

  • “Coronado 101” helps you learn more about our church, our history, our mission, and our vision

Foundations of Care

  • Develop skills for empathetic listening, healthy boundaries, and a theology of care and suffering

Foundations of Scripture

  • Explore the Old and New Testament to see God’s overarching story across all of Scripture

Foundations of Faith

  • Examine the rich tradition of Christian liturgy and creeds to grow and deepen your faith

Foundations of Witness

  • Encounter the power of story to share your faith and testimony with others and pray in community