AIR- Alliance for International Reforestation

Anne Hallum- Founding president

CCUMC Contact – Jan Somers, 386-690-6082

  • A number of persons from CCUMC have traveled to Guatemala with Anne to plant trees, build efficient stoves and visit schools where they work to teach sustainable living. AIR’s programs include training that teaches farmers how to get more food from their small fields without using dangerous chemicals, nutrition classes, reforestation from community tree nurseries, scholarships for rural teenagers, established microbusinesses from the tree nurseries after AIR’s training and much more.


  • Support 10 sister churches with prayers, funds and goods (when we are able to travel)
  • Raise money for water purification systems for Cuban churches

Disaster Response Teams

  • Respond to disasters with work teams through UMCOR in the US and abroad

Pura Vida (Costa Rica)

  • Sponsorships are available to aid children in attending school

Salud y Paz (Guatemala)

  • Volunteers spend a week helping in the school and clinic. You can also support the clinic financially.
  • Sponsorships are available to aid children in attending school (tuition) and receiving 2 meals a day (nutrition).

ZOE International (Kenya)

  • CCUMC sponsors an empowerment group which teaches orphans to build and run their own businesses