13th Sunday After Pentecost

Sermon Series: Mission Sunday

Sermon: Youth Missions

This week we will hear from our Youth Mission teams. For years, they have been going to Pura Vida Mission in Costa Rica. This past year the Youth went to the Florida Keys as part of the United Methodist response to Hurricane Irma. Listen for the hints of life change as our youth experienced these two mission fields. The scripture this morning is the story of Jesus’ walking on the Water. Don’t be distracted by the walking on the water part since that is the setup for the point for all of us. The disciples experienced storms. The disciples experienced fear. The disciples experienced doubt. The disciples did not have perfect faith. Like Peter and the disciples, we are to listen to God, focus on God and call out to God. In what parts of your life do you need to cry out to Jesus – “Save me”?

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33