Sermon Series: Transformed

Jesus goes through the great transformation. Jesus goes through suffering and death into God’s arms and new life. This new life changes our daily life, our work and our home, our mindset and worldview. No more fear, don’t be afraid. The bread and the cup are transformed from a saving event of Passover one time a year to an “everytime” you have bread or wine remember this saving action – a new covenant for forgiveness. The cross is transformed from a symbol of death to a symbol of forgiveness and self-giving love. The pattern of death and resurrection is our pattern of transformation – you are forgiven and beloved.

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8
Since we have heard this story from one of the Gospels each Easter we are not surprised by the events. Everyone else was surprised or amazed or frightened or alarmed or shocked. All agreed Jesus had been crucified. All knew where he was buried. The words that changed everything “He has been raised; he is not here.” Come and Look. Now go and tell. He will meet you at home. This is where the Gospel of Mark ends. We are all left to look for Jesus in our hometown in our daily lives. Listen.