Have you ever realized that you have misplaced your sense of gratitude? Maybe the conversation would go like this … “Have any of you seen my sense of gratitude? I had it. I must have put it down and in the busy-ness of life I just can’t remember where I put it.” There are times when we lose our sense of gratitude. We made one holiday about it so at least once a year we can consider what we are grateful for. Throughout the month of February we will be on the lookout, searching for and rediscovering our gratitude. What are you grateful for? Let’s make a list.
Genesis 3:20-24; Genesis 4:1-8; Genesis 11:1-9
Today we will read three passages from Genesis. All three are early examples of humanity disconnected from a relationship of humble gratitude. Notice how much it is missing from these passages. Consider that the two and a half chapters before this include God creating the universe and declaring it good, God creating humanity into the perfect life in the garden. Feels like almost immediately we lose our way.