Our re-opening will happen in four phases.

PHASE ONE: By invitation
We will start in-person worship on Ash Wednesday, February 17th, from 6pm-6:30pm. The sanctuary will be open for those who wish to spend a few minutes in contemplative prayer, and ashes/communion can be received in the Courtyard. We will also be offering a drive-thru ashes & communion from 9:30am until 10am in the Boutique parking lot.

In-person Sunday services will begin on 2/21 with a single service at 10am. We will be extending invitations for the services on 2/21 and 2/28, with a maximum of 50 worshippers and 10 volunteers. You may call Rev. Macon at 386.428.6252, ext. 115, if you are interested in attending.

Once we have the final count of those who are interested, we will be extending invitations so that as many who want to come are able to attend either 2/21 or 2/28. In order to maintain our social distancing and maximum capacity, we ask that you only attend the service to which you are invited.

Covid protocols will be in place. We ask that you maintain social distancing in the parking lot, courtyard, and sanctuary. Masks will be required at all times, but we will have limited space in the courtyard for those who can’t or won’t wear a mask. There will be no singing during the abbreviated 40 minute service. Our new Halo units on the HVAC are one reason we feel more confident in reopening.

Seating will be marked so that we are able to maintain social distancing. Ushers will ask for your name so that in the event we need to contact trace, we can do so. Of course your privacy will be maintained at all times if that happens.

PHASE TWO: Weekly Reservations
As we move forward, our next phase will be in-person attendance through a reservation system. Again, you will be able to do this online or by calling the office. We do not have a definite date when Phase Two will begin. We will first need to work through the first couple of Sundays so that we may “iron out any kinks” to ensure your safety and well-being.

PHASE THREE: Extended Capacity
As we start to learn these new ropes, we’ll be adding more seating in the chairs in the Fellowship Hall.

PHASE FOUR: Multiple Services
Once we have enough interest, Phase Four will be adding multiple services each week. Will they both be on Sunday? We’re not sure. How many can attend? We don’t know. When does each new phase begin? We have no idea. We need to work through each step to insure that we can open more fully with grace.

Thank you for your patience, your prayers, and your grace as we begin yet another journey into the unknown!