Hello from Maua!

Today began with a wonderful buffet-style breakfast at our Nairobi Hotel. The omelets and potato pancakes were amazing. We then loaded two cars and headed out for a long day of travel across the equator, along the Rift Valley, under the shadow of Mt. Kenya toward Maru.

We stopped for lunch at a trout farm with a tree house for a restaurant. It was truly a stunning setting, and there were black and white monkeys who decided our fresh bananas were worth coming out of the trees for!

Vincent and his coffee.

Finally we made it to Meru where we met Vincent and Ben. They graduated from the 3-year ZOE program a year ago, and they continue to meet together, support each other and they have even begun to adopt other orphans to send to school and feed and take under their wings. We will have many of their stories when we come back as they are too special to reduce to mere type.

This evening we reached our lodge which we will use as a base camp for the next five nights. Tomorrow we will meet 3rd years; the next day, 2nd years; the next, 1st; and then, newbies. We will be able to see and share the effect ZOE has on lives year after year.

Ben said to us that he has been blessed so he blesses others. Vincent asked that we continue to pray for him as he prays for us. Such profound sweetness from such gentle hearts.

Lord, give us the sweetness and gentle spirits of our Kenyan brothers. Bring your Kingdom here, and use us to spread your love.